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​Travelling is one of the many joys of life for most of us be it for leisure, business trip or for educational purposes. Though there is lot of excitement for such trips/visits, we tend to forget to prepare ourselves for any unexpected circumstances. Medical care in others countries is very expensive. Other contingencies such as baggage loss, passport loss, monetary loss due to pilferage, robbery, natural and man-made calamities etc. can also affect the plans and the finances. A travel insurance policy ensures the assurance of support in case of unforeseen eventualities.
Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers Limited (ABIBL) enables you to compare and buy the best travel insurance policy that suits your needs. With an adequate & a comprehensive insurance cover you can enjoy your travels to the fullest. 


Coverage of medical and hospitalisation expenses, accidental death, permanent disablement
Checked-in baggage loss/baggage delay
Loss of passport
Hijacking related damages
Trip delay/cancellation
Automatic-extension of the cover
Medical emergency assistance
Repatriation expenses, etc.


Pre-existing ailments and complications arising out of them
Self-inflicted injury/suicide
Travelling against the advice of the physician
Under the influence of liquor, drugs, other intoxicants or hallucinogens
Participation in any sport as a professional player
Participation in actual or attempted felony, riot, crime, civil commotion
AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infections
While serving in any branch of the military or armed forces of any country, treatment of nervous and mental problems
Terrorism, etc.
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